• How do Alkaline 4U water dispensers work?

Our filtration systems are designed to ensure that the water consumed by your family, or by the clients and employees in your office, is pure and of the highest quality. First, our purifying filters eliminate common sediments found in the water supply, such as soil, plastic, metal particles, and pipe rust.

Next, the water passes through two filters (pre and post carbon), which trap and remove contaminated molecules, ensuring that the water is clean and free of impurities. Finally, the water goes through an alkaline filter, which is an ionized filter that guarantees the dispensed water has optimal quality for consumption, providing a superior hydration experience.

With Alkaline 4U filters, you can trust that every drop of water you drink is healthy, refreshing, and completely safe.


  • How much does the installation cost?

Our highly skilled team performs the installation of our filters at no additional cost. We ensure that your purification system is up and running perfectly from the get-go.


  • Do I need to provide an initial deposit?

Not at all. At Alkaline 4U, we don’t require any initial deposit. You simply pay a convenient monthly fee for the rental of your purifier, which includes semi-annual maintenance of the machine and filter system replacement.


  • How often is maintenance performed, and what is the cost?

We recommend servicing the purification system every 6 months to ensure optimal performance. This service is included in our rental plan and involves machine cleaning and filter replacement. Keeping our equipment in top condition is crucial for ensuring the ongoing quality of the water we provide.